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Compliance encompasses all the activities that you "have to do" to operate your business and personal finances without any issues from the IRS or other State Agencies.


This includes, filing your tax returns, preparing financial statements, accounting, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, sales tax, etc.


Compliance is the nuts and bolts that help you make better business decisions and ensure that you stay out of trouble with taxing authorities.


You're in business to do what you love, not to deal with tax compliance. 


Do what you love, we'll take care of the rest.



Proactive Tax Planning


How much money is your current tax advisor currently saving you?


The simple truth is that unless you have a solid tax plan you're limited to living with "what happend" in your business, not what you planned to happen.


Most accountants are limited to recording what happened, we create tax savings throughout the year.


Our tax plans have generated annual tax savings that range from $15K on the low end to well over $200K 



All Proactive Tax Planning Serviceas are performed by Proactive Tax Advisors, Inc., our tax planning entity.


IRS Representation


Are IRS issues keeping you up at night?


Did you receive an examination notice for your personal or business tax return? 


The worst thing you can do is try to "explain yourself" to the IRS.


You don't know what to say and trust us, they're taking notes on everything you tell them. 


You may qualify to significantly reduce or eliminate your tax debt. 


We can help with wage and bank levies, installment agreements, offers in compromise, trust fund recovery penalties and tax examinations.


We represent clients before the IRS on a daily basis.

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